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The video that received the strike was blocked in all countries; so I deleted it - on November 30; the same day it received the strike. The strike has since expired - it expired on December 30, It has been more than one week now как заработать blockcan I still do not have the ability to monetize my videos. Monetization is disabled. The copyright strike over three months ago was the only strike I have ever received.

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No other copyright strikes before or after, and never any community strikes. Как заработать blockcan I click "copyright issues" on the picture above it shows me this: As you can see, the video is deleted; and has been so for over 3 months.

When I attempt to enable monetization through a direct link I am confronted with this screen: This is about all the information I can provide.

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Seeing as this copyright strike was from a video which was как заработать blockcan fair use to begin with, saying I was a bit upset would be an understatement. Please correct this problem.

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Контент в сообществе может быть не проверен или не актуален. The как заработать blockcan was deleted September 30, The strike expired November 30, My appeal was denied in false nature, and the copyright strike was undeserved.

Under what reasoning would Youtube deny your monetization rights in such a situation? Only a court of law can determine that. Do you have a finding from a court that says your use was actually fair use? Under what reasoning?

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